"You can't race any higher in Europe!!"                                        
                                    - XIV international Elbrus Race 2019

September 16 - September 20 2019

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The qualifying race on September 7
Elbrus pleased us with a perfect weather - the sun, no wind, warm. Applications for the competition were taken till 10-30. A total of  38 athletes were registered at
V international Elbrus Race.

In qualifying race, according to the regulations, only those athlets who applyed for class "Classical" participated . Today, the challenge to reach Pastukhov rocks, where the Marshalls fixed finish, no more than two and a half hours. It's not too difficult for those who day after tomorrow is going to run to the Western summit of Mount Elbrus. But thanks to this short, but the rapid rise of the judges may see the real sports training participants, as well as the right to organize active acclimatization.

Chief Marshall Vladimir Shopin listened to all the questions from the participants, explained the nuances. The mood in athletes spirits. Some run in running shoes (up to Pastukhova quite soft snow), while others in the cat.
The judges came from Bochek to its position at 9-30. The first party started in 11-00, reached the finish line as early as 12-06! It was Mikhail Klimov. After the participants had finished in a rather busy schedule.
At 15-00 on the barrel, where the athletes were already down and noted the minutes of the judiciary, took the overall construction. The judges congratulated the participants on the successful launch of the qualification, and the representative of the sponsor of the competition - the company BASK - Larissa Martynkina presented gifts to all participants - down jackets. All were wearing beautiful yellow and red jackets, and the barrels were bright and cheerful.
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