"You can't race any higher in Europe!!"                                        
                                    - XIV international Elbrus Race 2019

September 16 - September 20 2019

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09.09.2009 - timeline of the day

16:11 Barrels

All marshals and participants descended to the Barrels!! Everybody are safe and happy! V international Elbrus Race - completed successfully! Thank's to the participants and Marshals !!!!!

Preliminary results have already been published here: Extreme Classic

14:30 Barrels:

A last team of  Marshals descended to Pastukhov rocks! Marshals from the Pastukhova rocks with participants already descend to the Barrels.

13:55 Saddle

All competitors descend from the saddle. Marshals packed tent and also started to descend. There is a light sleet, visibility is satisfactory.


13:42 Barrels

Weather worsens. Most participants already at the bottom, but a few others, accompanied by the Marshals are above the saddle

12:15 by radio from the Pastukhova rocks

There are 8 members on the way down from the Pastukhova rocks

12:05 News from the top

There are the last 3 members approaching the summit. They were the last to pass the control time to reach the saddle. For the rest of the participant  saddle is already closed  : (

11:23 News from the rocks Pastukhova

Just on the way down the rocks were Patuhova 2 members: Valentin Vergilyush (№ 33) and Anton Proschenko (№ 30)

11:05 News from the top

The first girl reached the top - Maria Hitrikova (Classic № 37). Her preliminary results 3:48:50

10:45 News from the top
Just came out on top of the 5 members of Class Extreme:

11 Fursov Sergei 4:19:09

6  Mariev Andrew 4:30:09

12 Sidorenko Alexander 4:34:26

27 Berezovsky Denis 4:39:52

29 Shkel Vitaly 4:41:38

10:36 Weather

Weather was a bit strange early in the morning and western summit several times was covered with a cloud, but at the time the first participants to reach the summit weather bcome excelent! Now wind is weak, the summit is clear. Although the sky at high has  very suspicious cirrus clouds!

10:23 Luca on the top!

Recently reported from the top of the Italian athlete Luca Tibaldi (Classic № 9), rose to Zap. Elbrus with the result of 3:08:19

9:50 2 other members on the top!!

Anton Proshenko (Classic № 30) - with the time 2:43:10 and Mikhail Klimov (Classic № 16) - 2:45:46 (preliminary results)

09:45 - First on top !!!!!!!

9:45 have got news by radio from the top:
first competitor Valentin Vergilyush (№ 33 Classic)
finished with a preliminary result of 2:36:02!! Incredible result !!!!!

The Race started!!:

Starts of both classes: "Extreme" (9 participants) and "Classics" (22 participants) were given on the plan at 6 and 7:00 respectively. Within 15 minutes after the start of classics Sergey Furtsev (№ 11) came to Classic start near thBarrelse  - so, his time on the first leg of long way is 1 hour 15 minutes. After another 7 minutes on a tight group with an interval of a few minutes they approached the other members of extreme.

3 o'clockat the morning

The summit team of  Marshals departed with snowcat up to do their hard  work!

At night, the weather was excellent but in the morning appeared suspicious clouds.

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