"You can't race any higher in Europe!!"                                        
                                    - XIV international Elbrus Race 2019

September 16 - September 20 2019

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24/09/2010 09:58 - the Summit!!

First climbers on the top!!

Lastminit information passed to us by radio from Elbrus:

Andrew Puchinin (№ 65, Kazakhstan) reached the top at 09:34:33

Andrzej Bargel (№ 60, Poland) reached the summit in 09:23:37

That means that the
Puchinin 's time from  Barrels 2:34:33! That is a new record of international Elbrus Race!!!!! Congratulation Andrey!!!!
That means as well that Andjey time is 3:23:37 from Azau (2400)!! Unbelievable! Incredible!! Never done before Result!
No one ever did  climb to the Western summit of Mount Elbrus in Azau so fast!

That  is absolute World Record to climbe Elbrus (5642) from Azau (2400)

Andrew caught up with Andrew ......

All the results - preliminary

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